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West Camp Wind Farm Unreliable Energy Project

    - development is supposed to begin in 2023
    - special use permit approved by Navajo County but not by residents
    - it is another what is now called Disabled Energy Assistance Development (DEAD) projects used to prop up portfolios and pensions
    - wind farms are like movie sets, they are real but they are PROPS used to present illusions in ENERGY THEATRICKS

It's a way to keep sending your green $$$ energy to portfolios all over the world, they are pipelines to your cash

Chevelon Canyon Ranch to get new neighbors to the East, a massive wind farming project covering 79 square miles that will do nothing to adjust climate nor provide any useful energy while not providing any power what so ever to the ranch!

Navajo County has in a few short years approved a total of about 82 square miles of unreliable spurratic barely usable energy made by wind turbines 3 square miles of it at the Canyon and 79 square miles east of the Ranch. At Chevelon Butte east of the canyon it will host 42 square miles devoted to chaotic unreliable wind development that depends on your green $$$ energy. Most of the Chevelon Butte wind project is in Coconino County. I had written both the tribes and the county board there and never got a response as apparently they are all in this together.

These systems are wasteful and unnecessary as the foundation they are all being built on is the false idea that carbon dioxide is accumulating in the air and "we must do something about it or the planet will overheat".

 https://chevelonbuttewind.horsepower.net    https://stopchevelonbuttewind.com

Carbon foot prints do not exist

Just like how a footprint in the sand does nothing to affect the beach nor the ocean carbon in the air does nothing to affect climate. Every claim made about carbon printing is a lie to sell the energy transfer systems that are based on disabled energy. Wind and solar do not function well and cause chaos in grids. It's like expecting a disabled lineman that's bound to a wheelchair to climb up a high tension power line to make a repair to keep the grid bringing power to all the other parts of Arizona but not to the neighbors most affected by these GREED* systems, thus the job never gets done as the permanent disability does not allow it. This region has these tall power lines going right through there which is the GEN-TIE point of connection.

learn more about carbon nothing prints

The Western most section of the development will feature turbines that are less than 1/2 mile from the edge of the Eastern most section of Chevelon Canyon Ranch. As you can see on the map there are seven 40 acres ranches there 2 of which have homes directly butting up to the Eastern section of the ranch.

learn more about disabled energy at TheDesertHome.com

*Greedy Renewable Electric Energy Disasters

Simulated views are manipulated to hide how they actually look in real life - AWFUL!

The project developer presents a simulated view but they are not being honest about how they really look at all. Here is what they present, notice the dotted white line where all the players that are in the wind and solar scam sign on the dotted line and are all in these disabled green $$$ energy transfer schemes together, those white lines better represent what these wind turbine skyscraper propeller sticks would look like.

They show a simulation to the public of how these windscrapers allegedly would look once built but they edit the image to tone down the STARK GLARING WHITE propeller sticks to make the illusion of them blending in to the surroundings.

I zoomed in and look what we see - toning down of the stark white columns. It's so obvious, there are tan or  greyed out areas going up and down only where the spin sticks are and along the bottom where they are further in the distance. It's as if a dust storm is only surrounding these wind turbines!


If you look close in spots on the larger version if you click on the photo you can see where it was not done on certain parts and it's whiter. Notice too how these dust storms are SQUARED OFF which is proof these are manipulated.

Let's super zoom in to see this SQUARING off of the layering effect that tones down the stark whiteness in order to deceive.

Click on image for large and notice there is a rectangular section of dusty layer look covering horizontally and another covering the column areas and these do just like what two pieces of filtering material would do in photography, creates a darker section which again is more PROOF they are deceiving the public on purpose with their alleged "simulation".

Another thing to notice is that in the "simulation" they show the turbines blades from a side angle. This is rather disingenuous as they are often seen full on so again they are purposely choosing to avoid giving the real look of how these are stark white and very visible in real life.

The side angle instead of showing the propellers head on makes them appear a bit less visible even in real life yet still in real life they are VERY VISIBLE from all angles unless there is fog or haze then they might be a bit less.

For all the property owners that are close to these 820 foot tall monstrocities, unless it's a snowstorm they see them, so these simulations should only be thought of as a representation that is used to deceive lest the developer add caveat saying this "only reflects what they look like in dust storms and very hazy days while wearing rose colored glasses that were through a Haboob and thus all scratched up".

25% of electric car charging stations DO NOT WORK says recent study.

As government goons in climate nonsense keep throwing out the memos it's no surprise NY State of mind control declares (like they declared that novel threat thing so they could scare you into new genetic engineering flu shots) that they will not sell emissionfull cars after 2035.

The planet only had until 2030 these deluded climate hustlers said so this makes no sense.

This is more climate farts in your face it will never happen. They always bring up this greenhouse thing, "greenhouse gasses" as if they are poison.

CO2 is what plants breathe in for their health and life, in that green house they breath out oxygen, so these Hustlers In Climate Conniving Unbearable Politics (HICCUP) are turning our lives upside down, over OXYGEN EMISSIONS, thus collecting our money that falls out of our pockets like being on a roller coaster that goes upside down, and laugh their fuckin' asses off all the way to their portfolios as they build 49 square mile and 82 square mile cotton pickin' wind plantations to enslave you.

Since 1920, with increased use of coal, oil, and gas and their consequent rising carbon dioxide levels and economic growth, climate-related disaster deaths have plummeted by 98 percent. Natural Earth based dense fuels are healing both the human race and the planet!

An article at StopTheseThings.com points this out.

Carbon is Mother Nature's water and air filter

Imagine your home water filter system that uses carbon to filter out impurities. Take it (figuratively) and smash it with a hammer to get all that carbon out and throw it in the air, as a super fine ultra sub microscopic particles in a 1/7500 ratio of particles of carbon to air roaming free in the air guess what happens? It filters the air just like it filtered your water.

Then notice how when it rains and when wind moves it and then wind is still this carbon air filtration particles come back down to Earth. This is a template for how the clean energy cult should follow, to come back to Earth and discuss reality.   

Carbon does nothing to warm anything anywhere

There is 1/2500 ratio of carbon dioxide in the air on average. This is nothing to ever be concerned about. This has been the marketing basis for installing these disabled energy systems that play robbing hood taking your money from the middle poor and send it to the portfolios and pensions. If you think a missing 1 cents from a $25 weekly allowance is something to turn the world upside dowm about well have at it see how much energy and time you waste, but if you can see this simple math then let's go a step further, carbon dioxide is ONE part carbon and TWO parts oxygen. Assuming this is in balance that means that the ratio of actual carbon is 1/7500 meaning if we buy the DISABLED ENERGY of wind and solar HUSTLE then it's like we are concerning ourselves with 1 penny lost from a budged of $75.00. Yet we are not even dealing with a missing penny we are dealing with missing reality that these systems are inefficient and cannot even provide the power they promise.

This carbon conflation thing was pointed out rather well on AmericanThinker.com article,

"Conflating carbon with carbon dioxide is plain dumb, yet if you look at any greenie pundits, they all do it. Newsflash: carbon dioxide is a gas. It has one carbon molecule and two oxygen molecules. It is colorless and odorless and makes up about 0.04% of our breathable air. It is not the black gunky stuff."

another article points out "plant food is not an enemy"

If you took out all the CO2 out of a greenhouse the temperature would not change at all.

Somebody did the math on what amount of energy actually flows into homes. We know plenty of marketing hype does but how many homes really are powered. Watch here

I always like to point out to those stuck in the lime green energy gunk that if you think carbon dioxide is creating a blanket, place one over your open window in a hot summer where your air conditioner is running all day or in the cold winder with the wind blowing and report back to us your science on how that works to trap heat which again is the basis for these disabled energy systems to be installed to "save the planet from global warming". You can do this by breathing in deeply and exhaling over the window a tonne of carbon dioxide gas. Then if it works as the climate cult dictates it should, insulate your entire house this way.

learn more about this project and climate change sameness at TheDesertHome.com and at HorsePower.net

Map shows how it dwarfs the ranch 

West Camp Wind Farm is approved for development in Navajo County to the dismay of residents in the Chevelon Canyon Ranch that will suffer the industrial plight of 82 square miles of 104 turbines stretching high into the sky creating shadow flicker and ugly viewscape a whopping skyscraper height of 820 feet.

Residents there WILL NOT RECEIVE ELECTRICITY to their parcels which would if that was equally subsidized allow them to power up their electric horses!

What little is generated will be fed into the grid to create energy theatre and cash cows for only those connected to the portfolio.

A little history

In the August 18, 2022 Planning and Zoning staff report Navajo County states the area's history is that of grazing land and wind energy research projects.

view snapshot of meeting report here

Research on wind is only recent as wind conversion to occasional electricity projects have only been forging ahead the last 20 years with the green "save the planet" from carbon dioxide delusion.

Their mention of it being part of the areas history is deceitful as it implys these monstrocities belong there and have been there for many years. Their use of history including wind study is like saying someone has a history of repairing electric cars after one day on the job and never having repaired one or studied them before, the term is relative and common understanding of the word is one that would have much more time frame behind it such as when we study the history of the United States we do not refer to it as it's history of what happened over the last week.

Ranching at Chevelon Canyon which is known as Arizona's mini Grand Canyon has gone on since time began. Aztec Cattle company has been there for 100 years.

The Chevelon Butte Wind Project to the west of the canyon just started being built in May of 2022.

Research on wind speeds was done shortly prior. Same with research on wind for installing this West Camp Wind Farm, they installed towers to capture wind speeds to the south west of the 82 square miles they plan to destroy with these monstrocities.

Research on creating this greed energy project has gone on for years regarding how to fund, setting up interlocking directorates between land owners of which basically is all owned by the O'Haco's who have ranched that land for over a century.

Research on wind energy there has also included how to grab your dollar energy in subsidies from taxes you pay that are 100% needed for these systems to be built and maintained, they do not fund themselves, they are all net losses without being propped up by your money.

Owners of the land and developers will be making a lot of money off this project as well as those in bureaucracy and it's green $ energy that we all pay for in our taxes and electric bills that never go down in price like computers and TV's do why is that?

It would be one thing if these massive industrial Disabled Energy projects actually funcioned well and efficiently but they do not and are a waste of energy.

It is unfair to the land owners there to have a Disabled Energy Assistance Factory (DEAF) plopped down there in their front, side, and back yards and not get anything in return. Will there even be electricity power poles brought in so they can connect to the grid? A bridge over the canyon? I see nothing in the history of the discussions by the county as to brining in power for them only bringing in utter destruction of  the landscape and views there and the building up of portfolios using taxes that would be better used for other things.

learn more about this project

Wind energy is not exactly new this is a windmill that produced electricity in 1888 I can't imagine why they didn't catch on like cars anyone with a brain of straw can see all you have to do is attach a fuselage and you can fly across country in what crazy congress things will tell you is clean energy.


So they have had 135 years to evolve into efficient systems and still they are only efficient at transferring your energy to theirs while the Wright Brothers invention literally and I mean LITERALLY took off as it is powered by reliable energy.

4 decades ago the sleasy wind industry made promise that "if only the public would subsidize these latest renewable energy systems they would all be self supporting in 10 years" well that 10 went by quick and now they keep making the same pitch over and over again and the public expects a different result which is the definition of insane throwing money at problems that don't exist it's like they now promise if only you make the climate agenda president and print never ending supplies of new money "they will get the job done" that physics does not even allow as these are all net LOSSES OF ENERGY

They will never be self supporting the principles of physics will not allow it in any form other than in the form where they grind grain and thus only depend on human elbow grease to build them, that not using any power saws, only hand saws, and building them to rely on wind to occasinally grinding grain instead of doing it by hand, all other electric uses based on wind and other renewables in any sort of industrial application are totally dependent on not only fossil fuels but many natural minerals, strip mines, water sources, and the rampant use of fossil fuels burned by places like China which make so many of all the industrial made parts like the very turbines and steel and wires coated with plastic, need I go on? it is impossible UTTERLY IMPOSSIBLE to build wind turbine plantations without those energy sources. Wind turbine manufacturing requires 200 times more raw materials per megawatt of power than modern combined-cycle gas turbines!

Just because a turbine produces electricity does not mean it's usable electricity

There is a fundamental flaw in these systems, they rely on the wind. They stop and go and stop and go. If we were sailing across the ocean to rediscover America or a new frontier beyond Antarctica on a flat Earth that would be one thing, but we are talking about a system that needs CONSTANT flow of energy thus this chaotic flow ends up wasting energy. These systems receive "constraint payments" that basically allow these cotton pickin' wind plantations to be paid to shut off their power to the grid because they can produce too much power. So they do have generators, they do grab the kinetic energy from wind and convert it into electricity, but that cannot be used, thus they get your green $$$ energy out of your electric bills soaring to the Moon which REQUIRES YOUR ENERGY all based on fossil fuels to power these cash cows. details on this constraint payment system here

Chevelon Canyon area might welcome an energy saving bridge

This would also help bring in new demand for living there and new construction there as this section is very remote. Some like it this way.

To get to the nearest Walmart takes over an hour and can even be dangerous in bad weather. The savings in energy would be huge!

Chevelon Canyon area might welcome power if it was going to them instead of portfolios

There is no power poles that would bring energy to the parcels out there, why? Billions spent on disabled energy and nothing to provide reliable energy from the grid to this area. The entire space is an "off grid" area yet the grid is now going to be a mere few thousand feet away. Building power lines to the area would bring more people out there which of course some would not want but in the theme of logic if billions are going to be routinely spent on expanding the grid without expanding it equally, and generating power that can not even always be used surely there must be politicians clammoring to equitably provide power that is not disabled to everyone that would need it. All I hear is crickets but when this disabled energy farm is built they might move away.

Aztec Land & Cattle company

The Navajo County Assessor's map shows ownership of the land which was used for agriculture for many many decades, since the days of the wild west. Chevelon Canyon Ranch property owners association has a some great reading about the history that makes this area unique, some info on the very first owners of land out there, the western way of life, the baths, the saloons, the rustling and ranching, and the outlaws. It appears the owners of this land now will be legally farming wind from high in the sky and cash cows at their base as these systems transfer your $$$ energy to portfolios. How much is this company worth? Will the owners now become trillionaires? Do they care about the natural beauty being spoiled for so many property owners? It is a poor use of our natural  resources to build on 89 square miles a disabled energy power plant that barely produces any usable energy when prior to it being shut down there was an efficient coal based power plant that used coal which could be obtained locally from the Navajo Tribe that owns a coal company there that only used one square mile of beautiful ranch lands and did not tower into the sky 820 feet nor did it chop and shred birds flying into it like these trickle energy systems do routinely.